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Durable Automatic Barrier Gate 5 Million Times Steady Inductive

Durable Automatic Barrier Gate 5 Million Times Steady Inductive

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MAX
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS
Model Number: MX-60

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SETS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in bubble wrap firstly, and then reinforced with carton for outer packing.
Delivery Time: 3-10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C/Paypal
Supply Ability: 2000 set/month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Intelligent Barrier Gate Arm Type: Straight Articulated, Fence
Arm Material: Aluminum Alloy Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Black Optional
Motor Power: 120W Max Arm Length: 6m

5 Million Times Steady Inductive Parking Barrier Gates Durable


Intelligent barrier gate
Torque motor,steady,low noise,5 million times
100% duty cycle,heavy duty
Fault auto-detect
Free maintenance

Intelligent barrier gate provides a secure and convenient solution of stopping unauthorized vehicle or giving access to authorized vehicle at highway,shopping center, exhibition center, hospitals, airports etc.



1) This car park barrier provides open/close time: 0.6s / 1s / 1.8s / 4s / 6 sec. optional

2) Straight arm with rubber bar, Max.length following:

6m for 6 sec. & with anti-collision

6m for 4 sec. & with anti-collision

4.5m for 3 sec. & with anti-collision

3m for 1.8 sec. & with anti-collision

3m for 1 sec.& with anti-collision

2.5 m for 0.6 sec with anti-collision


3) Inclusive of arm and "push button" which opens/closes barrier

4) Exclusive of LED light bar,remoter, boom bracket and anti-collision mechanism: need to buy extrally

5) Optional housing color as yellow (default),orange, white, red and blue

6) Optional boom arm direction as leftward or rightward


1.Simple structure, easy installation & maintenanceTorque motor,steady,low noise,free maintenance


2.2mm cold-rolled plate heavy duty case with IP54 protecion Anti-collision protects boom arm


3.Simple structure, easy installation & maintenance2 holes on the bottom of door for rain drain



Control via remoter,push button or PC


Intelligent Barrier Gate Features

0.6 second fastestaction and 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF for toll gate

Free-maintenance torque motor ensures100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF and 0.6 second fastest open/close time for toll gate and parking lots wth high traffic flow.

Easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost

Simple structure and no limit switch design ensures easy installation and maintenance which reduces your labor cost

Heavy-duty and simple-design housing

The housing adopts 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed anti-UV surface which is non-scale and unfading in 5 years, conformed to the IP54 dustproof and waterproof, Simple design also decorates your premises

System automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors

System always automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors shown on the LED tube of the controller.

Sine lever drive mechanism ensures smooth landing of boom without shaking

The patented precise casting Sine lever drive mechanism enables the boom arm moves from slow to fast when it starts, and fast to slow when it stops. This will effectively reduce the shaking of the boom arm and allay the burden of the electrical motor, so that the lifetime of the motor and mechanical components will be greatly prolonged.

Anti-collision protects boom arm (optional)

Anti-collision mechanism will protects the boom arm not to be damaged once boom arm was collided by a vehicle.

Safety--- Anti-hit by pressure resistance bounce

While moving down,arm will immediately go back to vertical position once it is obstructed by an imposed force, which protects the vehicle or person not to be hit by boom arm. The sensitivity is adjustable.

Safety--- Anti-hit by Loop Detector (Optional)

While barrier boom moving down, If a coming vehicle was detected to be existing on the ground induction coil, the arm will go back to vertical position immediately until loop input was dismissed and then the arm will go down immediately.

Safety--- Anti-hit by IR photocell (Optional)

While arm moving down, If infrared transportation between transmitter and receiver is blocked by human or vehicle, the arm will go back to vertical position immediately. The arm will automatically close once the infrared transportation recovers.

Safety--- Anti-hit by “Opening Priority”

If a vehicle is coming while arm moving down, the arm will immediately go back to vertical position once a open command is given, which protect the vehicle not to be hit by arm.

Closing Priority

While arm moving up, the arm will immediately go down once a close command is given

Automatically close after the given time

Once this function is set “ON”, the barrier will automatically close after given time (1-90 seconds adjustable) if there is no vehicle passed after barrier open.

Automatically Close by loop detector (Optional)

If loop detector is installed, after vehicle passed the barrier will automatically close once the loop input was triggered

Automatically open by loop detector (Optional)

If loop detector is installed, when barrier boom is in horizontal position, the barrier boom will go up immediately once the loop input was triggered

Manually control in case of no power

Once power is off, just open the cabinet and manually control the barrier by a gear mechanism. Also barrier boom can be manually locked in any position between horizontal and vertical, the lock status will remain until unlock manually.

Boom to open up fully or close down in case of power failure

If power is suddenly off while boom closing, boom will automatically close down fully if the angle between boom and vertical plane beyond 45 degree. If power failure occurs during boom opening, boom will automatically continue to open up fully if the angle between boom and level surface beyond 45 degrees.

Anti-condensation in cold climate

The barrier remains low power consumption even without closing and opening input, which will keep the motor in normal temperature. The lubricant will not be frozen so that the barrier will keep working in frozen environment

Transparent plastic covers on Control Board

A transparent plastic covers on the Control Board to makes Control Board water proof and dust proof, also protects operaton



Model MX-60
Working Temperature -40℃~+75℃
Voltage 220V±10%, 110V±10%, 50/60HZ
Rated power 80W
Relative humidity ≤90%
Remote control distance ≥30m
Net weight 48kgs
Speed 1S,1.8S,3S, 6S
Max boom length 6 meters
Motor Rotational speed 1400rmp
Protection Degree IP44



Why choose us?


1.One year's free servicing is supplied( not including the arm)
2. Lifetiom charged servicing is offered.
3. Technology servicing is supplied
The following situations are charged for servicing (or changing):
1. Broken by wrong installation.
2 Broken by improper voltae.
3. The surfaces of the system destroyed by wrong installation our use.
4. Broken by natural disaster.
5. Overdue
6. Servicing items out of our promises.
The upgrade and improvement of the product won't be notified if there is any.
The explaining authority of this product instruction and service article belong to the production factory.


Communication with customers

1) Q: Connected power and press open/close button but traffic barrier gate no action?


A Reason Solution
1 Fuse blown Check fuse and power in controller
2 Battery of remote control powered off Change a new one
3 External protection circuit break or at protecting status Open the barrier door and click OPEN/CLOSE button on control box
4 Same frequency interference Check photocell and loop detector

2) Q:Connected power and press open/close button,traffic barrier gate will move but even when it is at right position, the motor still running and not stop?

A Reason Solution
1 Limit switch Adjust the horizontal/vertical limit switch to correct position
2 Main controller failure Change a new one

3) Q: Motor running but traffic barrier gate arm no action?

A Reason Solution
1 Barrier arm at 45° position where is hard to move Unlock clutch and manually rotate arm to horizontal or vertical position then try again
2 Tension of balancing spring not suitable Adjust spring exactly
3 Low working voltage Check the voltage and power

4) Q: When opening/closing,traffic barrier gate arm cannot reach right position (90° vertical & 180° horizontal)?

A. Reason Solution
1 Length adjustment of connecting rod not correct Open barrier door and unlock clutch to check when arm at 90° vertical position if the master rod covers slave one; when arm at 180° horizontal position if master rod and slave one are in the same straight line
2 Nuts on the limit switch loose

Tighten the nuts when arm at 90° vertical and 180° horizontal



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